By: Nicole, Preston, Katie, Ben, and Sam


The purpose of this experiment is to find out if talking on a cell phone slows down your reaction time. To do so you need three things a ruler, a stopwatch, and a computer. Once you have all of these you and your group should all decide which part you wish to do first. Group member one should hold the ruler with two fingers and at the 30 cm mark. Next group member two should place there hand beneath the ruler by a few inches. The last member should have a stopwatch and be ready to start and stop the time when they catch it. Member one should drop the ruler while member 2 try to catch it (trying to get the closet to the opposite end of the ruler). Repeat this and record your data do this at least 10 times a person. Last repeat the same procedure but have some one talk to you on the phone, it can be a group member or someone else just make sure they are asking you questions like an actual conversation. Record this data and compare it with the previous trials. What did you find out? Was the reaction time slower or faster? Are boys reaction times faster then girls?


There are no known safety issues.